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Perry Desmond-Davies: Press clips

Perry Desmond-Davies' CD "Sweet Ride" is a beautifully written, performed and recorded paean to the joys and miseries of everyday life. Favorite moments were the good time feel of "Sweet Ride", the gorgous, heartfelt, vocal performance of "Beautiful Child", the spooky lyric of "Eyes Wide Open" and the uplifting sentiment of "New Beginnings". Other favorites were the intimate, live piano version of "Nobody Cares" and the honky-tonk joy of the live "One Hot Mama". Perry's plaintive vocalizations on her bluesy and darker lyrics are chilling and real and sometimes remind the listener of early Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday. Seth Connelly's production and arrangement work is stunningly passionate and musically articulate and perfectly supports and compliments each tune and lyric. All in all, "Sweet Ride" is an aptly titled and thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Jeff Root, Performer/Producer - Listener Review

"There are few people I know that have a voice that can hush the loudest room and the songs to back it up. Perry Desmond-Davies is one of those talents. She's one of my favorite people to see on stage live, and you'd do yourself a favor to check her out too."

Dan Cloutier, Singer-Songwriter,Host:Amazing Things Open Mike - Host Review

"One listen to her voice will make a believer out of anybody. She simply launches one of the most powerful, heartfelt vocals this side of the Mississippi."

"I count myself fortunate to have become acquainted with your outstanding musical gift via a Facebook acquaintance...I received a copy of "Sweet Ride" today. All I can say is "Wow!"
Your deft skill with words and musical interchange is soul gripping - brings tears at one moment,giggles the next. It is always thought-provoking, though: you have a powerful energy that is at once enchanting as it is entrancing. I am thoroughly enjoying "Sweet Ride", and am hot on the trail of doing all I can to ensure as many people as possible get to enjoy your special gifts, too.


Melissa Mitchell Tate, Opelousas,LA - Listener Review

I've been working with Perry Desmond Davies for so many years, and now I can finally say she has her own studio CD out. We've put together a fine collection of songs that really show Perry at her best as a writer, player and singer... and boy can she sing! I have to say one of my personal favorites is her cover of Lose Again by Karla Bonoff. We both share the same kind of admiration of this great talent. But it's really a toss up between that and 'Nobody Cares', a great song about the real people in health care that hits you right in the heart. Then there's One Way Out, a remake of the Sonny Boy Williamson song (also made famous by the Allman Brothers) that she knocks out of the park... in a head wind! Great job, Perry! 

"The track I keep coming back to is 'Longer Than You Know'; it's a sweet sounding song, but equally hard to listen to in terms of emotion and memories.  There's a lot there that I guess we all can relate to in a sentimental way.  Putting people in touch with their feelings is part of what a minstrel does... you do it better than anybody. "


Bob C. - Listener Review

" Over the course of a single song, Perry’s soaring, emotive voice will weave in and out of different styles (Country, R&B, Folk), which lend the song the dynamics that are so difficult for solo acoustic performers to achieve."

Hewitt Huntwork - Boston Acoustic Underground Award Winner, Host:Acton Jazz Café

Perry Desmond-Davies writes emotional songs which she delivers in her powerful, yet sensitive voice. She makes you want to hear more, whether it is her beautifully-crafted, honest, heartfelt songs, or her carefully-selected covers. Even though I’ve heard her songs many times, I never tire of them. It’s her winning combination of writing and performance that wins her many fans! Perry is equally at home playing piano or guitar, always providing strong accompaniment to what she is singing. She is also great at performing backup vocals, whether in concert or in the studio. I’ve experienced both first-hand. Don’t miss a Perry Desmond-Davies show!

Ellen F. Schmidt Singer-Songwriter/Producer

“Perry’s thoughtfully crafted songs will move you on every level…with beauty, skill and sensitivity, she delivers them with the emotional authenticity that every listener is hoping for…”

Lori Diamond, Performer and Principal, 5th Chakra Records - Listener Review

" The voice and writing of Perry Desmond-Davies is like a country road on a fall day: it gets lovelier with each turn…she’s worth the trip "

Steve Rapson - Solo Performer Magazine

" Perry Desmond-Davies has shared her emotive voice and chiming guitar chops with folkie folks from Massachusetts to Maine." From "the echoey heart-piercer ‘Hey Dad’…(and) the repetitive, hard-strummed choral call" of ‘Falling’, to the deep lyrics of ‘Now I Guess You Know’…on this very (a)live EP, she carries the listener along on wings of music. Perry should be able to use these wings to fly through the ranks of the singer/songwriter world."

Matthew Robinson - Soundcheck Magazine review:"The Short Set"