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Perry Desmond-Davies: Listen

All I Want

(w/p: Perry Desmond-Davies)
Copyright Pea-Tunes Ltd(ASCAP), All Rights Reserved.

You're lying here beside me, a sweet look on your sleeping face

Lost in pleasant dreams of us, no doubt

As I am lost to you when I'm wide awake


The morning sounds here always make me smile

The little birds that live outside our window

it's comforting to hear them sing and carry on

and know these special moments are the ones I share with you


You're all I want

You're all I need

This feels so right

I could stay right here forever...


Your arm reaches out to find me, knowing I am there while you still sleep

It's that unconscious reflex that I treasure

Oh, let me keep this feeling until the end of time...

It's all I want

All I need 

This feels so right, I could stay right here forever

You're all I want

All I need

It feels so right, I could stay right here forever

Let me stay right here...forever...



Words and music:Perry Desmond-Davies

Copyright Pea-Tunes, LTD (ASCAP), all rights reserved.

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