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Perry Desmond-Davies: Listen

Nobody Cares

(Perry Desmond-Davies)
Perry Desmond-Davies for Pea Tunes Ltd(ASCAP); all rights reserved.

I had brought a family member in to Dana Farber Cancer Institute for a clinic visit, and being among the many brave patients there that day, it became very clear that, within the walls of the clinic, everyone was normalized: nobody cared about people's outside physical appearance. They were all working toward the common goal of healing.

This song is sung in tribute and with respect for those fighting the battle.

Jackie's looking regal as usual

Dripping gold and Prada, she's a sight to see

She flew in from Boca just to be with us today

She'll rest up at the Ritz, and then she'll fly back home again


Across the room there's Mary from the Projects

No Boca jet for her, she takes two buses and a train

She'll be infused for hours, then she'll make her way back home

Tonight she'll have to be at work, the graveyard shift again...


Nobody cares here that I have no hair

Nobody's looking at me

We may all be different, but we're still the same

I'm so glad that nobody cares

So glad that nobody cares


The Nurses working here are so amazing

They're the directors in this well-rehearsed play

We're part of the revolving cast of characters

In a limited engagement on this sterile Broadway


And as for me, I don't know how I landed in this crowd

It's a role I wasn't eager to play

But these people make the hard stuff so much easier to take

And we're struggling to make it through together


Visit's done, it's time to leave this stage for now

And go back to our lives outside these doors

So we'll gather up our coats and our courage

Put our game-face on, and our lives go on...


Miss Jackie, I'll be thinking of you

Hey, be good 'Mare, see ya in two


Nobody cares here that we have no hair

Nobody says “what a shame"

We may all be different, but we're still the same

I'm so glad that nobody cares

So glad that nobody cares...




Vocals/Guitar: Perry

Guitar, Piano, Bass: Seth Connelly


Words/Music: Perry Desmond-Davies

copyright Pea-Tunes LTD(ASCAP)

All rights reserved.

Unauthorized duplication prohibited.